Want an authentic Chinese experience? Go to Australia.

Chinese tourists can tour dozens of amusement parks, cities, and villages featuring copied wonders around the world, from Eiffel Towers to the White House to the Manhattan skyline, without ever leaving the country. But with all these imitations of foreign wonders, what if they want to visit someplace archetypically Chinese? 

Well, there's always Australia. From CNN

"There will be no rides or rollercoasters or compulsory dragon motifs. Instead, the park will focus on China's rich cultural offerings, including streets dedicated to Chinese tea and wine cultures, as well as traditional Chinese medicine.

"Whatever things that are usually connected with Chinese culture will be featured in the park," said ACTP spokesperson Amanda Li...

The park will include a nine-story pagoda, modeled after the Jing’an Temple in Shanghai, as well as gardens and courtyards in styles from different dynasties. "

Have fun with that, post-modernists.  Also I've been out of China for nearly a year, but if memory serves, Chinese wine culture is mixing a bottle of Great Wall with Sprite or Diet Coke. 

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The end of macho man Putin?

The Washington Post brings a distressing story for those of us in the business of generating blog posts/clickbaiting slideshows about Russia's photogenic autocrat:

What's a 60-year-old president to do? The answer comes in a purportedly secret Kremlin policy paper: Forget the jet-piloting, bare-chested hunter look. Cue the wise elder statesman.

Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, dismisses such talk as utterly ridiculous. But it surfaced earlier this week in the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper, which reported that it had obtained a Kremlin document arguing for the Putin rebranding, while embracing the milder liberals around him instead of the hard-talking tough guys. Political analysts took the story as a trial balloon and offered their own ideas of a touch-up.

"No wrinkles, absolutely not," Alexei Makarkin said. "No gray hair."

Yes, said Makarkin, deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies, Putin should stop diving into the sea and returning with ancient Greek amphoras, one photo op that was later acknowledged as staged. He should stop dressing as a crane and flying a glider to guide birds into the wild. But in ancient Russia, he should not look old.

We'll always have Sochi. If an image makeover is actually coming, it also seems possible it may be related to the mysterious injury Putin appears to have suffered in recent months. 

Today on FP, Simon Shuster writes about how Putin's seemingly cosmetic "corruption crackdown" may be spiraling out of control. 

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